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Targeted solutions for challenging tasks

From engineering to commissioning, we supply feeding systems based on all known drive components – from vibration conveyors to step conveyors.

Correct component positioning is our business.

Our machines and services are of recognised high quality, and have made us one of the most important companies worldwide in the field of feeding systems. Our core expertise lies in pharmaceutical versions of the feeding systems, including versions for clean rooms, whereby we can manufacture entire customised feeding systems in accordance with requirements. We use our knowledge and craftsmanship to develop and supply cost-effective and reliable feeding systems. Together with our parent company and partners, we offer a global network of top-performing contact partners to our customers.

PSA feeding systems

Our history

PSA was established in 2011 as a subsidiary of RNA GmbH. RNA is a company which was established on the market in 1972, and in the 50 years since this time it has become one of the world’s biggest and most important suppliers of vibration transport systems. Feeding systems for all kinds of industries are manufactured in Germany (8 locations), Switzerland, England and Spain by a total of around 400 employees

The systems made by PSA were added to the RNA product range in 2011. PSA is the authority for pharmaceutical systems. Top quality vibratory sorting bowls are manufactured by a powerful team at the Wolpertshausen location, whereby it is always ensured that customer requirements are met in their entirety. Electropolished surfaces with roughness depth of 0.4μ can be achieved, and it is ensured that the material is consistently traceable. Of course, standard versions can also be ordered.

Quality has top priority at PSA, as it does throughout the group of companies. This is ensured by having highly trained employees and consistent implementation of the QM system. Of course, this includes detailed specifications and an independent department which checks every component prior to delivery. The machine functions are simulated using appropriate devices in order to carry out realistic testing.

Yours, Fritz Kraft & Benedict Borggreve

We stand for

innovative and reliable products

The headquarters of RNA subsidiary PSA is in Wolpertshausen, right in the middle of “Packaging Valley, Germany”. PSA manufactures feeding systems that satisfy the highest of pharmaceutical demands for the mechanical engineering companies in the area. The same extremely high quality and reliability demands which have been fulfilled by the RNA Group for decades also apply to PSA.

RNA components are regarded as the standard within the industry because of their performance capability and wide range of products, and represent the basis for reliable and high-performance feeding systems in mechanical engineering worldwide.

The high quality of RNA feeding systems has been recognised and they are characterised by their extraordinary reliability, which represents a combination of expertise, many years of experience and innovative technology. The group produces almost 2,000 systems every year. We develop solutions for demanding tasks such as high feeding capacity, complicated workpiece geometries and/or accurate pre-positioning. This is how we became the technology and market leader.

Top quality

Our quality is guaranteed by means of structured order processing and a defined production process, which represent the basis for continuous improvement. Quality by means of motivation and conviction.

Customer satisfaction

The customer is the main focus of our thinking in everything that we do. We develop an intensive partnership with our customers which is more just than a normal customer relationship.


Our feeding systems are subject to continuous further development by means of continuous improvement, and we offer our customers new perspectives which give them a competitive advantage. PSA feeding systems are the leading technology on the market.


We provide quick reaction times, short delivery times and global service. We provide the technological expertise that is needed, therefore safeguarding the availability of the feeding system at the customer’s.

Jobs at PSA – demandingly different, excitingly innovative!

PSA is the authority for pharmaceutical systems. Top quality vibration sorting bowls are manufactured at the Wolpertshausen all location by a team of 45 employees – and you can join our team.

If you are interested in one of these positions with attractive conditions in a modern environment, please submit your detailed application.
Please send your application documents to:

PSA Zuführtechnik GmbH
Mr. Fritz Kraft
Steinäckerstraße 7
74549 Wolpertshausen

or by email to:

We supply…

… sorting systems for separating the stoppers that are used in the pharmaceutical industry and feeding them in the correct position. We can supply our customer-specific complete feeding systems including project planning, construction, manufacturing and assembly as well as our well-tried and competent PSA service. Our product range includes individual components such as vibration drives and also vibration tables, bunkers and inclined conveyors.

Feeding Systems

Complete feeding systems on the basis of vibration technology

  • Rotating vibration technology
  • Linear feeder units
  • Stocking
  • Vibrating tables
  • As well as inclined conveyors

Complete feeding systems on the basis of vibration technology

  • Rotating vibration technology
  • Linear feeder units
  • Stocking
  • Vibrating tables
  • As well as inclined conveyors


  • Specific solutions for the pharmaceutical industry
  • High quality versions
  • Flexible and customer-specific
  • Reliable provision for downstream machines
  • Gentle feeding of vials
  • Extremely high capacity possible
  • Isolator versions – suitable for clean rooms
  • Format parts which are replaceable without tools
  • Various sizes and formats, customised designs

Sorting system vibration bowls


  • Cylindrical or conical
  • Surface electropolished or blasted with glass beads
  • High capacities
  • Single or multi-track discharge
  • Design compatible with the pharmaceutical industry
  • For plungers, flip-off caps, mushroom or lyophilisation stoppers, piston rods and many other types of closure


Rotating vibration drives

  • SR-EMSE-26 // SR-EMSE-26-ES
  • SR-EMSE-40 // SR-EMSE-40-ES
  • SR-EMSE-55 // SR-EMSE-55-ES
  • SRC


  • Fixing plate version: Stainless steel or aluminium
  • Linings made from stainless steel in standard or isolator version

Clamping types:

  • Electric quick-clamping (tool-less)
  • External clamping
  • Central clamping

Linear feeder drives

  • SFA-18
  • SFA-25
  • SFA-35
  • SFA-42-30
  • SLL


  • Different drive sizes and versions
  • Linings from standard to isolator-compatible

Sorting bowls

  • cylindrical
  • conical